Name  • Amanda van den Hurk
Birth date   • 12-6-1985
Hair colour  • Blond or Red ( check with me )
Colour eyes  • Blue/grey/green
Length   • 1.72 m
Clothing Size  • 36 (S)
Lingerie  • 75B
Shoe size  • 39
Breast width  • 85
Taille width  • 64
Hip width  • 93

No piercings or tattoos

I started modelling for fun in 2006 at the age of 20, and I am still enjoying it now.
I try to expand my modelling capacities by doing shoots I haven’t done before.
This is why I already have a great variety of pictures in my portfolio.
I am planning to keep this up, because it is a lot more fun than doing
the same thing over and over again.

I still work on tfp, but the concept and team must be original and of quality.
Otherwise it is not going to be an enrichment to my portfolio.

So give me a challenge!